Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

It is very common and frequently asked a question by married ladies that how do they know whether they are pregnant or not? There are so many signs and symptoms which can indicate pregnancy. But pregnancy symptoms always vary in respect of their intensity, frequency and duration, not only from woman to woman but also from pregnancy to pregnancy. In spite of all these there are some earliest pregnancy symptoms which can indicate that you are expecting a baby, as mentioned here.

Missing of Period in Menstrual Cycle

I think the first and the earliest sign of pregnancy which can attract your attention towards pregnancy is the missing period. But always one thing should be kept in mind that the only missing of period is not a sufficient indication to confirm pregnancy. Missing of period of no doubt is essential sign of pregnancy but it may be due to some other reasons like stress, due to abnormal weight, illness, or medicinal changes.

Morning Sickness

In early pregnancy period from 4-8 weeks mostly ladies suffer with nausea and vomiting which is pregnancy indication. Some ladies remain with this symptom throughout the pregnancy period and a few ladies don’t experience this symptom at all. Morning sickness which normally sensitive to some odors and can occur at any time. The reasoned of morning sickness is considered due to hormonal changes resulting the over production of estrogen by fetus and placenta.

Extreme feeling of Tiredness and Lassitude

During first trimester of pregnancy, your body has to work hard to make adjustments with the changes occurring in your body. Moreover fetus begins to take necessary nutrients from your body for its growth which results in decrease of important vitamins and minerals like iron. Besides all these factors, over production of progesterone also adds lassitude and tiredness feeling.

Raise in Body Temperature and Bloating

Both symptoms, bloating of tummy and higher body temperature can be early indication of pregnancy. The body temperature at your wake up in the morning is called Basal Body Temperature (BBT). Rise in BBT is considered pregnancy sign and BBT falls down during menstruation. BBT remains high after getting conceived, which is sign of pregnancy.

Breasts Tenderness and Swelling

It is common symptom of pregnancy that breasts of pregnant get tender and swollen in most ladies. Breasts become more sensitive and sore as they are undergoing to changes preparing them for breastfeeding. Nipples color may also be changed as darken.

Bleeding and Cramping

At the time when fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterine lining, there may be a light bleeding from vagina. And due to expansion of your uterus making room for your baby growth, you may also feel cramping in abdomen may occur like menstrual cramping.

Lower Back Pain

During pregnancy your body has to face so many hormonal, mental, and physical changes like weight gain, looseness of ligaments, and lack of sleep which results in lower back pain. Hence lower back pain is also considered as early pregnancy sign.

Frequent Urination

Due to growth of uterus it puts pressure on bladder which results in frequent urination and considered as pregnancy sign. Moreover during pregnancy, the kidneys and bladder have to process extra body fluids, making the pregnant running frequently to bathroom.

Headaches and Dizziness or Fainting

During pregnancy, increased level of hormones may cause headache which is most common in first trimester. Normal physical exertion like climbing stairs and standing position for some time may cause faintness or dizziness of mind.

Change of Mood

During pregnancy a variety of mood has been observed, no need to be worried that it is quit normal to feel anxious about pregnancy and birth especially when you are going to give birth first time. Irritability, fear, restlessness and other psychological symptoms are due to change in hormones in body. Here the loving, caring behavior of hubby is needed to keep the pregnant happy, cool and calm.

Loss of Appetite, changed Cravings and Aversions

Pregnancy require necessary hormonal changes which affects hunger and make pregnant craving or averse to some specific food. One thing must be kept in mind that your baby needs essential nutrients and you have to take balanced food in spite of loss of appetite. Try to avoid such foods which make you ill and eat healthy food full of nutrition required both of you.

Pregnancy Test

If you think that you might be pregnant and experience the signs and symptoms of pregnancy you should run to the pharmacy, purchase pregnancy tests strips or visit your health advisor for pregnancy test to verify whether your are pregnant or not. Your reports will confirm your pregnancy.