7 Tips to Conceive With a Low Sperm Count

To get pregnant is not so simple for all couples as in presence of fertility issues it becomes difficult to conceive a child. The low sperm count is the problem mostly faced by men as a great hurdle in pregnancy. So individuals having low sperm count must try to increase sperm count to enhance their chances of making their wives pregnant. Here are given some simple tips to conceive with low sperm count as under:-

Avoid Stimulants

Immediately discontinue all stimulants having bad effects on sperm count like smoking, drinking and using drugs.

Avoid High Temperature

High temperature has also an adverse effect on sperm production resulting in low sperm count. Avoid living in places with high temperature, also avoid bathing in hot tubs and discontinue wearing tight pants and uneasy underwear.

Eat High Protein Diet

To increase sperm count shift to high protein diet and in addition eat vegetables and whole grains abundantly. One thing should be kept in mind that fatty food should not be eaten.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is necessary for good health and able to reduce such hormones that kill viable sperm. Physical exercise is the best treatment to reduce stress which ultimately increases your sperm count higher.

Save Testicles from Stress

Discontinue all such activities that make your testicles pressed or stressed. Abstain from horse riding and bicycling or minimize as much as possible.

Use of Vitamins

In order to keep your sperm healthy always take Vitamin C and D every day so the healthy sperm count may be increased.

Avoid Frequent Intercourse

If you are facing with low sperm count problem, it is better for you to avoid frequent intercourse in order to preserve your sperm for the days on which a woman is more susceptible to get pregnant. This technique will ensure the availability of most potent sperm to make their way to fertilize the egg.