Pregnant Safety During Hot Weather

In hot weather countries due to increasing in temperature in summer, people have to face health problems and required to observe safety precautions in order to avoid any heat stroke or other summer related diseases. Hot weather and warmth are most terrible for pregnant women.

Pregnancy week by week

Week by week pregnancy stages change; almost all stages of pregnancy, the sensation of heat due to progesterone hormone and heat emitted by the fetus is very much prominent. So extra care is required for pregnant in summer and hot weather. Read on the following guidelines helpful to pregnant during summer season:-

Wear Easy Dresses

Wear comfortable clothes and under garments according to weather requirements and avoid wearing tight clothes like jeans and uneasy bra or under wears.

Wear Quality Dress

Quality of clothes should be nice and decent avoid synthetic clothes which may warm up easily.

Wear Easy and Safe Shoes

As regard to shoes, it should be comfortable, flexible and without long heal of ventilated design with fewer straps in order to avoid perspiration and heat.

Room Temperature

It is necessary to have air conditioner/air cooler or at least fan at home and at work place to lower the temperature.

Keep Freshness in the Room

Use of air freshener in the room is always having the soothing sensation to feel.

Frequent Bathing

Frequent taking a shower and bathing may increase freshness and helps to remove dirt promoting healthy skin and hairs.


Remove yourself to ventilated place under low temperature and avoid cooking work in the kitchen for a long time.

Diet during Pregnancy

Increase water intake sufficiently in order to avoid dehydration. Fresh fruit juices, milk and plenty of pure water may help as pregnancy diet to fight with hot weather consequences.

Physical Exertion and Fitness Exercises

Avoid heavy physical exercises and standing a long time for laundry work or any excessive physical exertion which may cause any injury.

Sun Exposure

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible, in unavoidable circumstances use an umbrella and keep a water bottle with you.

Time Management

Avoid unnecessary traveling and shopping at peak hours of the hot days. Manage your routine activities keeping in view weather effects and heat hours.

Have a Good Sleep

Have a good sleep and rest with emotional satisfaction, try to avoid any stress, depression or fear about pregnancy.