How To Avoid Labor Pain During Child Birth

Mother is an exemplary unconditional love relation in this world given to every newborn baby by nature. Mother is, who have to bear very much terrible pain during child birth. So as the question is concerned that How to avoid or to lessen labor pain? It cannot be avoided at all but here are some useful tips by which it can be reduced.

Keep the Mind Relaxed

The main psychological and physical technique to avoid it is hidden in relaxation of the body and mind during labor pains. It means that let your body free and doesn’t try to haste by physical exertion in order to get early delivery. Keep your body relaxes and let your uterus to contracts in a natural way. The ladies who know the art of relaxing usually have less pain as compared to the women who are more anxious and fearful about their pregnancy and labor pains.

Fear and Anxiety

The high anxiety and fear cause hypertension, which is also dangerous itself. Relaxation and ways to relax differ from man to man and people should search and find how they can relax. Review your daily activities and find what are the most relaxing among them. However, some common relaxing techniques are given here for guidance;-

Trust in God (the Creator)

It is the real, effective and psychological technique for believers of God to over come all troubles of life including labor pain. They are advised to pray for His mercy and kindness, having the belief that:-

“God is the most gracious and merciful; he is very much kind of his creation. He can do every thing, He knows every thing, He is the only creator rest of all, are his creation. He is so much near and dear that he knows our all troubles and gives us each and every thing, all blessings are from Him. He is totally aware of our pains and having full knowledge of our preys and knows even the thoughts of our minds. He is the only one who can solve our all problems. Life and death are God’s decision, no body can change it”.

The belief and trust in God so much strong the courage to bear troubles and pains will be so much great and fear and anxiety will no more exist.
Body Massage

It is a physical and psychological tip for pregnant to reduce anxiety and fear with the help of massage. Body massages having amazing results to relax body is necessary for health. And if the massager is your life partner its effects are more attractive and mind relaxing giving the sense of closeness and love.
Bathing, showering, and swimming

Cleanliness of the body is very much effective for relaxation of mind. The most common and relaxing technique is bathing or showering resulting in clearness of mind and giving a sense of freshness as a whole.
Deep breathing and Yoga Exercises

Some yoga exercises are very much effective in order to get relaxation. Among of those, some are deep breathing exercises. These exercises are very easy and simple to perform exercise having very much relaxing effects on body and mind. During pregnancy and labor pains it is an easy exercise to reduce nervousness and anxiety of stressed one.

Music Listening

Generally, in the state of pain, no body likes music or songs. Aversion to noise is most prominent during pains. But some people having craving for music may get relaxation, in some cases.

Be Optimistic

Optimism is a great labor tip. Think positive and be optimistic; you’re lamenting, crying and fear of death have no positive effect to solve any problem. But positive thinking can relax you and may give relief to your pain.

Day dreaming

Almost every person has some beautiful memories in his life. To get benefit from our memories in order to relax at any time, the simple method is day dreaming. It means to rewind the lovely, beautiful and joyful memories in mind and keep it continued till you feel relax. For this sit alone at any silent place, keep your eyes closed and enjoy the loveliest movie of your memories