Importance Of Breastfeeding For Newborn And Nursing Mother?

No doubt, the basic need of an infant is the complete, balanced, and fresh diet. No matter the parents are poor or rich; nature gives an equal chance to all infants getting fresh, natural milk. The mother’s milk is the best suitable diet for an infant not comparable with any other source of feed. In my opinion, breastfeeding is the basic human right of every newborn, which should not be forfeited without any solid medical or social reason. Breast feeding is not only benefited for the child but for the nursing mother too. Numerous diseases of newborns and problems (even breast cancer) of mothers can be avoided by breast feeding. It is safe, easy and complete having no side effect, a method to feed the baby.

What is Colostrums?

Colostrums is yellowish creamy breast milk which is available just after child birth and turns into normal milk after 3-4 days and lasts up to 10 days normally. It is full of antibodies, required to protect the newborn from diseases and can be digested by newborn easily. Colostrums are highly rich nutrition which works as a watchdog for intestines of a newborn. Breast milk is the best mixture of the accurate proportion of all required food ingredients including carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium. Colostrums being thick fluid, sometimes it requires breast pumping to continue its flow. Breast pumps are used to extract milk from breasts in painful condition during weaning the baby off from breast feed as well. Here are some points are given to explore the importance of breastfeeding both for new born and nursing mother:-

Breastfeeding advantages for Newborn

Pure Diet Easily available, 100% safe, complete diet consists of all required contents for newborn.

Easy Digestion Breast milk is digestible easily and avoids indigestion, vomiting, colic, constipation, and diarrhea.

Immunity Builder Being full of antibodies it develops immunity against diseases.

To Improve Nervous System Breast milk found helpful in developing nervous system strong.

To Enhance IQ Level Breast milk also found to enhance IQ level as compared to other children grown without breastfeeding.

To avoid Breast Cancer Girls grown on breastfeeding in their childhood are less prone to breast cancer as compared to others females.

Dental Health Breast feeding babies have better dental health as proved by experience.

Balanced Diet Formula Breast milk changes constantly in order to fulfill the growing child with the passage of time. So there is no need to worry about suitable milk formula required for your child.

Breastfeeding advantages for Nursing Mother

Soothing Experience Breastfeeding itself is very much soothing and loving experience for nursing mothers

Love Bond Breastfeeding is a unique love bond between a child and her mother.

To Avoid Displacement of Uterus Breast suckling during a feed promotes the uterus contraction to go back its normal position.

Natural Birth Control Breast feeding is helpful in natural birth control as it delays restarting menses period.

To Avoid Breast Cancer Breast feeding is necessary to lower the risk of breast cancer.

To Become Slim and Smart During breast feeding extra calories can be reduced in order to loose weight, already gained during pregnancy.