7 Causes of Fertility Problems

After a deep study of the medical system, it is revealed that there are so many causes of fertility problems related to anatomy and physiology of human system. Here are some common causes of infertility to be kept in mind while trying to conceive.

Consult the Health Advisor

Before trying to conceive consult your doctor in order to obtain your medical history and preconception check up. He can advise you better if he found any physical abnormality.

Avoid Overuse of By cycling

The repeated banging of the groin against the bicycle seats often results in the damage of critical arteries and nerves; being the cause of infertility in men. So if your partner uses to ride a bicycle more than 100 Km per week, it should be reduced in order to get positive pregnancy results.

Avoid Over Exercising

In the same way, heavy and repeated physical exercises may cause irregular periods, scanty menses, heavy menses, amenorrhea and other fertility complications in some cases. So physical fitness exercise must be done regularly, according to body requirement and is not to be overdone.

Eat Balanced Diet

If you have set your mind to expect a baby, review your daily diet. Your diet has an effect on your body’s physiology; avoid dieting to reduce your weight during this period. And starvation diets and fasting affecting ovulation may cause affect your fertility

Avoid Strong Perfumes and Vaginal Sprays

Some ladies use vaginal perfumes and sprays for sex attraction, which may cause sperm killing. So all types of artificial lubricants, oil, glycerin, and saliva are equally harmful to sperms and be avoided to use.

Avoid Vaginal Douching

Douching of the vagina also is avoided which may wash away the cervical mucus necessary for transportation the sperm to the cervix and may cause some other inflammatory diseases of the vagina.

Avoid Stimulants

For positive pregnancy results, avoid all types of stimulants and addictions. Smoking, coffee drinking, and wine are very much harmful to health. Caffeine is considered to constrict blood vessels and causes reduction of blood to developing baby in the uterus.

Chemical Side Effects

For people who work in factories making some hazardous substances may consult their doctor for guidance as some harmful substances may cause certain fertility problems for both partners.