Is Exercise Necessary During Pregnancy?

Importance of exercise during pregnancy can not be underestimated anyway, however some guidelines should be kept in mind in order to avoid any injury during exercise.

As the health of pregnant and new born in interlinked with each other, so great cautions is required in order to perform any physical exercise during pregnancy.

Consult your Doctor before Starting any Exercise

First of all consultation with the doctor is very much necessary in order to get fore-knowledge about your health state; the physician always may give a proper advice according to your body requirements, whether it is safe for your pregnancy to perform any exercise or not. As in some cases where the pregnancy had some complications need extra care and rest and the exercise are forbidden.

Start from Moderate Exercises

When you are allowed by your doctor to perform physical exercises, you should start it from moderate exercises and slowly and steadily would lead to more exercises, avoiding vigorous exercises by all means. During exercise keep monitoring yourself as for how you are feeling, anytime if you feel un-easy stop the exercise immediately and have a rest.

Avoid Weight Bearing Exercises

You should prefer those exercises in which weight bearing is low instead of over-weight bearing exercises. Because weight bearing is not favorable to pregnant in order to avoid any injury risk. Swimming and cycling are a good exercise for pregnant women if all the safety precautions are taken during the activity.

Unbalancing Risk During Exercise

Avoid such exercises carrying the risk of imbalance during the third trimester of pregnancy in order to avoid any physical injury to the pregnant and new born. In the same all activities having falling down risk should always be avoided. Mountain climbing or walking on rocks or other uneven places should be avoided and great care is required during dark at night.

Do Safe Exercises

Also, avoid such exercises requiring to lay on the back which may cause restriction of blood flow to uterus if the duration of exercise is prolonged. Also during pregnancy long time motionless standing is also harmful and should be avoided.

Maintain Water intake to Avoid Dehydration

In order to avoid heat stress during summer, pregnant should drink plenty of water. Always do exercise in open and ventilated places in order to inhale fresh air full of oxygen.

Monitor Your Feelings During Exercise

The best monitoring device for a pregnant is how she feels. During pregnancy and after birth always monitor your feeling during exercise; if you feel un-easy leave it.