How to avoid Pregnancy Stretch Marks Before and After Birth?

The market seems full of so called creams with high claiming to remove or avoid stretch marks; however, the result is not up to the required standard. These creams may help to moisturize the skin but it is not permanent solutions of this problem.

Control Weight gaining

The best strategy in order to minimize the stretch marks is to control weight during pregnancy. 25-35 pounds weight gain is considered normal during pregnancy by professionals. Overweight gaining during pregnancy results in promoting stretch marks and should be avoided.

Skin Moisturizing

The second method to avoid stretch marks is to apply some moisturizing cream in order to get your skin moisturized and to improve its elasticity.

Avoid Dehydration

Improve water intake during pregnancy avoiding dehydration and dryness of the skin overall, which is important to minimize stretch marks.

Time lapse

Most of the women are conscious about stretch marks and get worried about these, but fortunately, time lapse heals these marks without any treatment in many cases. Maximum 1 year time period is sufficient to remove stretch marks naturally; however, these marks remain very light in color with surrounding skin color and unnoticeable apparently.

Medical Treatment

Pregnancy Stretch Marks are faded over after child birth gradually, however, if you feel some problem in healing the severe stretch marks, you may consult your doctor or dermatologist in order to get medical treatment.

Consult your Doctor for Medicinal Side Effects

An important thing which should be kept in mind, before using any cream or medicine during pregnancy for stretch marks, consult your doctor in respect of its side effects on the health of your coming baby. Because some creams having side effects which may cause defects in your unborn; so it is safer to use such creams after child birth. Medical treatment for stretch marks is more effective just after delivery without delay; as the time lapses the chances of removing the stretch marks medically reduces comparatively.

Again be sure that there are some medicines which may impact your breast milk supply and after passing to your child through milk may harm the baby. Here is again your doctor advice is most important before using any stretch marks cream or medicine if your baby is on breast feeding in order to ensure your newborn’s health.