Fire Prevention Tips

Carelessness being the main cause of the fire is most the dangerous behavior for life safety. It is said about the fire; a very good servant and very bad master. Keeping in view its services in daily life, fire is so important that living without fire is impossible. But it is life hazard when it is out of control.

Here are given some important tips in order to avoid any accidental fire;-

Open Doors Before Lighting Matches

Open the doors and windows of your kitchen or cooking places for some time before lighting the matches, in order to avoid accumulated gas by leakage.

Use of Gas Heater

Gas Heater in sleeping room not to be used in place of space heaters.

Replacement of Loose Wires

Loose or tattered wires should be immediately replaced to avoid any electric fire.

Use Good Quality Electric Sockets

By corrosion of copper skin the resistance in current flow increases, resultantly sockets/outlets gets warm during functioning. Replace them before any accidental fire.

Avoid Extension Cords

Take care in using extension cords, not to be worn out and don’t lay them under carpet or door openings, may be damaged resulting in short circuits.

Replace Weak Electric Wires

Proper wiring is necessary according to the requirement of different electrical appliances. Use heavy wires for heavy duty appliances; never give them power supply with low-quality wiring or extensions.

Avoid Over Loading

When using extensions, don’t try to over load the socket, in same way octopus outlets and power bar out let extension may cause electric fire so it should be avoided

Safe Distance from Heaters

All portable heaters to be kept at least 3 feet away from every thing (prone to burning) and walls.

Avoid Heater while Sleeping

All heaters should be off before sleeping. Never leave any heater on when you are going out even for short interval of time.

Children Safety

Arrange to keep children and pets away from fire points/heaters.

Safe Environment

Inflammable things should never be placed near cooking area/burners.

Avoid Loose Dress while Cooking

During cooking don’t wear the loose dress, try to use kitchen nappies with half sleeves.

Matches and Cigarette Lighters

Keep matches and cigarette lighter away from fire points/heaters and out of reach of small kids.

Keep Clean Chimneys

Keep the chimneys of your fire place clean and maintain it regularly.

To avoid Sparking

The fireplace screen is very much used to be used, in order to prevent any sparking.

Microwaves Inspection

Inspect microwaves to ensure its all events to be cleared of any obstruction, make sure it is serviceable before using it.

  • Safe Practice-1 In case of microwave or oven fire, switch off it and keep the door closed if you feel the fire is out of control immediately call the fire brigade service.
  • Safe Practice-2 In case of a grease fire, when oil or greasy food cooking in open pan heated and caught fire; immediately cover it with lid and unplug the burner/heater. Wait for it to be cooled down completely before opening it again.

Avoid Water for Grease Fire
Grease fire increases by applying water on it; so never use water in order to put off grease of an oil fire.

Auto Shut Off

Try to use more safe heaters with features of auto shut off.

Use of standard electric Wires

Always use good quality heavy duty electric wire with space heaters, and avoid using extensions, as the high voltage current may melt it and make it sparked.

Avoid Common Practice

A common mistake to open the gas valve before striking the matches, should always be avoided.

Easy Access

Fire extinguishers should be placed in the kitchen and near other fire points.