Causes of Malaria and Dengue Fever

Malaria & Dengue Fever Safety

Malaria and Dengue fever are prominent in mosquito borne disease. Due to improper environmental safety, a large number of people get affected by Malaria and dengue fever in Pakistan every year like other developing countries. The high risk of complications and fatalities is involved with reoccurrence attack of Dengue fever. Safety precautions are necessary for prevention of Malaria and Dengue fever particularly and all other mosquito is borne disease not only at the community level but also individually.

Malaria & Dengue Fever Care at community level

  • Leaking water supply pipes and flowing water tanks are to be repaired
  • Drainage and sewerage system should be maintained properly.
  • Cover and clean open anchored water drain regularly.
  • Dispose of refuse/garbage from living area and garbage dumps on daily basis.
  • Eliminate wild growth near water supply system and along the drainage system particularly.
  • Water reservoirs for fire fighting or irrigation purpose are to be emptied and dried up once a week.

Malaria & Dengue Fever Safety at the individual level

  • General awareness of all people in order to take extra care for prevention against mosquito bites especially at dawn and dusk as mosquito causing Dengue is likely to bite during this period.
  • Stop Mosquito Breeding In order to prevent mosquito breeding small pockets of fresh water like flower pots, indoor plants pet’s drinking pots should be dried on weekly basis.
  • Fly Proofing Gauze All doors and windows of living rooms and offices should be well secured by fly proofing gauze
  • Full Sleeves Dress Dress should be full sleeves instead of wearing shorts. Wearing of socks from dusk to dawn is useful to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Use of Repellents Before sleeping using of repellent oil on the exposed body parts can protect from a mosquito.
  • Use Mosquito Nets At form houses or any other open place use mosquito net at night