How To Prevent Low Back Pain

Back Pain Guidelines

Low back pain is very much common and most of the people have to experience it in daily life. People use to get relief by pain killer medicines, but it is harmful until removing of its actual causes. The most common reason for low back pains is considered incorrect posture when standing, sitting, lying and lifting and responsible for many back injuries.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Here are some common causes of low back pain which can be avoided in order to get painless health;-

Standing Posture. Stand erect without bending your body in such a way that a straight line may be drawn from ears to ankle passing through your body weight centrally.

Walking Posture. Same for walking, don’t stoop your shoulder forwards or to bend your low back.

Sitting Posture. While sitting, use chairs having back support to keep your spine straight.

Long Driving. During long drive use supportive seat in order to avoid any back injury.

Physical Exercise. Do physical exercise in order to maintain flexibility of joints and to avoid back stiffness

Control Obesity. Control your weight, as over weight people have to carry more weight causing back pain

Change Positions. Avoid working, sitting, standing and driving in the same position for a long time.

Warm Up Before Exercise. Warm up the body before doing vigorous exercise or sports

Start from Moderate. If you are starting physical fitness exercise, try to move gradually; from light to vigorous.

Bathing After Exercise. Avoid bathing when just after exercise, when the body is perspiring.

Cool Down After Exercise. Cool down properly after exercise to maintain body temperature at rest position.

Body Balancing. While stooping to pick up something on floor maintain your body balance and avoid standing with jerky motion.

Stooping Posture. While stopping, bend your knees slightly to avoid stress on your spinal column.

Weight Lifting. Take care while lifting the load, it should be in such a way that lumber region should not affect to be injured.

Age Factor. Aged 34 and above people are more prone to lower back pain so they need extra care to avoid it.

Depression and Stress. Psychological stress or depression can cause muscle tension and back pain.

Avoid Physical Stress. Any movement that causes excessive stress on the spinal column can cause injury and back pain