Aloe Vera: Sooth, Heal and Stun

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Aloe Vera is often thought of as no more than a folk remedy, but its increasing amount of popularity these days has been equalled by a number of respectable research studies affirming its value in treating a range of problems. In fact, its countless healing uses have seen it hailed as “nature’s pharmacy”. It’s also a useful beauty product, and the ease with which it is absorbed by the skin makes it perfect for use in aromatherapy and massage.

Aloe Vera remains best known as a skin treatment. It doesn’t irritate the skin and helps to soothe inflammation, itching and infection. This extends from its medicinal uses to its suitability for intimate massage. It can treat all sorts of skin conditions and fungal infections. At the same time, its cooling effect is a wonderful treatment for problem areas such as under eye shadows.

The keratolytic attributes associated with Aloe Vera mean it will make the softer hard skin. So, it’s an amazing answer to the irritation and soreness that can arise in body parts such as elbows and feet, in addition to giving your skin a softer, healthier appearance. By tightening the skin and moisturising it, products containing Aloe Vera give you a younger appearance.

Whereas many cosmetics actually clog up pores and dry your skin, Aloe Vera is actively hygienic. Many beauty salons now use Aloe Vera as a cleanser before and after facials, as well as to soothe irritation after waxing.

Aloe Vera tingles when mixed with a little spearmint and applied to the lips. Worn under lipstick, it’s a wonderful lip plumper.

Anecdotal evidence points to Aloe Vera as being an anti-inflammatory. It is a favourite among those struggling with arthritis as it cuts down the swelling around afflicted joints. It may also cut down a few of the symptoms of colds. The congested feeling one has with a common cold isn’t due to the over-production of mucus, as is normally thought, but because your sinuses have become infected and inflamed. Aromatherapists use Aloe Vera as a base for mixing essential oils, as the anti-inflammatory nature of the product soothes the swollen sinuses. For the same reason, the product enables you to limit the swelling and inflammation of recent wounds and burns. It can also help to reduce recent scars (i.e. those under five years old).

Aloe Vera is also a common ingredient in after sun products, as its antipruritic properties reduce itching and burning. Of course, persistent itching can be a symptom of more serious problems and no cosmetic product should be considered a substitute for visiting the doctor. It can, though, relieve many kinds of short term irritation, e.g. itching resulting from dermatitis, pregnancy and psoriasis.

You don’t simply have to purchase it out of the box; Aloe Vera is easy to use the product, ideal for those home brewers who like to experiment and mix up their own washes and products. Though they may not deliberately seek it out in products, many people have a tube of Aloe Vera about the place because of it is useful for so many things. You can use it when making your own soaps, lotions and gels.

It’s not just about cosmetics – although that would certainly be enough – Aloe Vera is about making you feel great inside and outside.

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